1. My friend who accidentally fist bumped a man who was just trying to hand her some coins.
    I won't name names.
  2. This text from my 8 yr old niece:
    "#1 is pee, #2 is poop, #3 is fart, #4 is shart"
  3. The man who pulled up next to me at a red light Tuesday night. I prepared for the worst when he stared at me. He asked "Did you win?" in reference to my basketball jersey. I said no."That's all right. Just keep pushing through!" The light changed and I experienced tender feelings.
  4. Sidney Lucas's performance at the Tony Awards.
  5. A Deadly Adoption
  6. In a Costco bathroom a little girl waiting for her mom kept shouting "Mom! Are you still in there? Are you still there Mom?!" and then "Mom! Can I take my shirt off?!"
  7. You can't say "ass" on public radio?
  8. Is it pronounced "Dolezshal?"
  9. Am I allowing myself to feel my feelings? Am I thinking about this because I no longer live in the South/Midwest? Is that presumptuous? Have I become the thing I loathe? What do I like/not like anymore? Should I cut bangs? Will bangs distract me from the inevitable loneliness of living? Where'd that girl get that linen dress? That's a cute dress.
  10. Jeb