Winter is coming and all my favorite scary babies will be there.
  1. The OG
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    I saw this cutie and knew I was down for whatever. Scary little girls? I'll watch em.
  2. This baby
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    Aw you're just a baby. Do white walkers tend to their young? How does this work?
  3. These cuties
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    Little rib boy in the front FTW. Just a casual jacket tied around the waist.
  4. This lady
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    As soon as she put her kids on that boat I knew those brown eyes were going to turn blue. Oh geeze that's a bad reference. I just liked her alive so I'm glad she's the living dead.
  5. This guy
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    That skin is so nasty.
  6. I guess this dude
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    He raised everyone from the dead so I suppose I have him to thank for this list but he's a bit too military for me. Give me that stringy long white hair whipping in the frigid winds.