1. This isn't too bad. I can do this.
  2. You're telling me I don't get to sit the whole time?
  3. How much time is left?
    45 minutes? Awesome.
  4. This instructor is trying to kill me.
  5. The 60 year old woman and the overweight dad are both doing better than me.
  6. At least there's one other girl who can't keep up either.
    We're in this together.
  7. I can't tell if the instructor is actually trying to encourage me or if he's secretly laughing at me.
  8. How does the gear shift even go that high?!
    24?! I was having trouble at 8!
  9. My legs might actually have to be amputated after this.
  10. Fuck it. I'm taking a rest.
  11. Oh, we're done? Praise God!
  12. Well that wasn't too bad. I guess I'll be back.