Happy st.patrick's day!
  1. When my orthodontist's sweat landed in my mouth
    Yes. That happened. My head was at an angle where I could see the bead of sweat start at his forehead, snowball down his face and form an even larger bead of sweat, fly off of his chin and land right in my mouth. I couldn't do anything because there were a lot of sharp objects in my mouth at the time, but use your imagination about how big my eyes got in horror of the situation.
  2. When I got poison ivy in my eye
    The poison ivy was so bad in the area surrounding my eye that it caused my eye to puff and swell shut. It was like that for about a week. I still don't really know how I contracted it. On the bright side, a professor felt bad so I got an extension on a paper. Worth it??
  3. When I slipped and fell in a grocery store near the checkout lines and everyone gathered round to see me on the ground spread eagle
    Pretty self explanatory. I think I was in middle school and wearing cleats, which surprisingly don't grip well to a wet tile floor!
  4. When my teacher told me my fly was down on the first day of fourth grade
    The first day of any year of elementary school was always really exciting, and I was pretty pleased with my outfit that year. Until my teacher bent to my level and broke the news. At least she was kind of discrete about it. This was over 10 years ago but my young dignity was lost forever.