Well I mean technically everything in my wallet is related to money because it's a reminder that I bought something (queue C.R.E.A.M. ??) but you know what I mean.
  1. This is my wallet.
    Pretty standard. Turns out there's quite a bit inside.
  2. Library Card
    Secret golden ticket. It is good at any of the 87 libraries in western Massachusetts. And it only cost $1!
  3. MBTA Charlie Card
    My friend got me one of these and said to hang on to it because they're hard to come across I think? That was four years ago and I still have it. Probably have used it twice.
  4. YMCA Card
    My name is spelled wrong and I look like a ghost in the photo. A great backup photo ID.
  5. Grocery Store Card
    I like this one because I can get one of those devices that lets you scan your stuff while you shop. Fun to make weird laser noises while doing so. Joking/not joking...
  6. Loyalty Cards to a Bowling Alley
    One frequent bowler card, and one frequent pool card from the same place. The guy who works there loves to do a little stand up comedy act when you cash out. We later got to talking and put together that he went to high school with my dad and hadn't seen him since, so was rather surprised to meet his fully grown kid.
  7. Friend's business card
    Artist/scholar. Has an Erykah Badu quote and some cool designs on it.
  8. Bookshop loyalty cards
    Have two to the same place for some reason.
  9. Co-op Green Stamp Card
    Bring your own bags to this grocery store, get a stamp. Fill it up, $1.00 goes to their charity of the month.
  10. Health/dental insurance cards
    I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR THESE!!!! Of course they were in here the whole time...
  11. Receipt from TJ Buckley's
    If you are ever in Brattleboro VT and are celebrating something, go here. Best meal I've ever had. It only seats 8 tables and is located in a train car from 1927. Open kitchen so you can see the chef making magic happen.
  12. Movie Ticket Stubs
    One to Joy and one to Trip to Italy. I'll give Joy 6/10 and Trip to Italy 10/10.
  13. Receipt form Le Candi Bar in Montreal
    All the drinks here are frozen slushies and 75% sugar. Really good though. Fun bar.
  14. Coupon for 1/2 pound of free cornbread
    From a breakfast place I apparently went to on 10/3/2015. Guess I gotta redeem this!
  15. My eyeglass prescription
    -2.25 in both eyes. Also have been looking for this.
  16. Receipt from the Botanic Gardens and Insectarium in Montreal
    Great places to visit if you ever find yourself there.
  17. Admission Tickets to see Piper Kerman speak
    If you're an Orange is The New Black Fan, you probably know who this is. Fun fact, we went to the same college! She came back to speak in October 2014. Was overall pretty interesting, she spoke quite a bit about her activism for reform in America's prison system.
  18. Drivers License
    Renewed in 2/14. I was pulled over driving my mom's car because her inspection sticker had expired. The officer then found that my license had expired (all MA licenses expire when you turn 21) so she gave me a ticket for the expired sticker, called a towing company because it was illegal for me to drive any farther, and gave me a warrant for arrest. My trial lasted a total of 5 mins and was slapped with a fine. Fun Sunday that was!!!
  19. College ID
    Picture on it was taken on my last day of high school. How innocent!
  20. Next Dentist Appt. Reminder Card
    I am pretty good about going to the dentist because the mouth is a pretty scary place. However, I haven't gone to the doctor in 5 years because I don't think there are any issues. I realize that this is TERRIBLE logic and will go soon.
  21. Loyalty card to the coffee shop downstairs
    I never use this because I feel annoying whipping it out when only buying a $2 iced coffee.
  22. Receipt from a Yoga Class
    I went to a vinyasa yoga class at a gym in November. I quickly realized I was in way over my head but was on the far side of the room so I couldn't really make an easy escape. I was horribly sore for two days. Haven't tried yoga since.
  23. Receipt from the Silver Spoon Diner
    Great breakfast. One of those places where all the breakfast food you could ever dream of eating in one sitting is available for about $10. Bottomless coffee too.
  24. If you made it this far congratulations, you probably know everything about me other than my blood type.
    Speaking of, I don't even know my blood type. About that Doctor appointment though.....