1. John Kasich
    DAMMIT JOHN throw those hands up like you mean it! What are you even doing with those fists? Why don't you have your head up high? Hopeless.
  2. Hillary Clinton
    Just look into those eyes for a good three seconds. Pure despair lies within. Hopeless.
  3. Ted Cruz
    Look at this guy. Staring down at a bland piece of meat thinking about how his campaign is just as torched as the burger to the right. ...ok that burger isn't actually that burnt but go with it for dramatic effect. Hopeless.
  4. Donald Trump
    Giving as little attention as possible to the above referenced candidate. This one is about the dog. Look how upset it is, just trying to pry off of the lap of a man with incredibly questionable ethics, who is also about to touch its head with those dry puckered lips. Hopeless.
  5. Bernie Sanders
    As you all probably know Bernie is always looking a little hopeless due to the reign of the millionaires and billionaires in American politics. So I'm just gonna cut to the most gif-able moment of the race thus far....