The update has given life to my iPhone and my desire to use emojis more !
  1. 🖕🏻
    What is better than the middle finger? Nothing.
  2. 🙄
    I roll my eyes almost 24/7 so this will help greatly.
  3. 🏒
    I'm Canadian. I need this.
  4. 🗞
    Is this new or am I just noticing it ? How specific could you get I am obsessed with this. Who needs this ?
  5. 🌬
    This gives me Mother Nature vibes which makes me feel witchy so I'm into it.
  6. It's a heart exclamation point ?!!?!?!????!????? Point made.
  7. 🇨🇦
    I will find a way to sneak this into every group text at any time.