I'm holding onto all-caps titles with an iron fist
  1. 5 weeks ago I moved into college as a freshman 🎉
    I have loved it but I also feel like I might be dying
  2. I'm taking 8 classes this semester.
    Why oh why did no one grab me by the shoulders and scream "that's too hard! No one does that!"
  3. I have not met a single person taking as many or more classes than I am and I understand why.
    My first Friday night as a college student I spent 9 hours doing homework. It's gotten better since then but not by much.
  4. I'm also training to be an Emergency Medical Responder, which is a lot of work.
    It's good that it's a lot of work because I need to be a competent healthcare provider. However, I'm also taking 8 classes.
  5. Every moment I'm not in class or doing homework, I'm on base. I was ahead for a while, but then school took precedence and now I'm behind.
    I have 3 skills to prove mastery in by Tuesday. I feel that I've mastered two of them.
  6. I'm also rushing in a professional fraternity for pre health students. It's an amazing networking opportunity but it's also another thing to balance on my plate.
  7. I had plans to go home Columbus Day Weekend, but I'm afraid that if I go I won't master my skills for EMS.
    I'm so stressed about my EMS training that it's affecting my health. I had 3 consecutive anxiety attacks on Monday and I called my mom in tears yesterday because I'm so stressed. I'm normally a really positive person, and I'm finding myself unable to sleep at night thinking things like "you're not going to make it through the semester, you're never going to make it through residency if you can't make it through this program," etc.
  8. I'm stressed writing this list because it's a "waste of time." Some other things I've called a "waste of time" in the past week include: laundry, eating, sleeping, going to classes
    Not healthy, and I know that.
  9. So I'm pretty stressed. But I'm not the first person to go to college, to have too much on her plate, or to be stressed beyond belief. How did you handle it?
    ((Help me please I'm tweakin))