As always, name was changed.
  1. Oliver: Ms. Allison, I had an accident.
  2. Me: Okay, let's go take care of it
    The ground wasn't wet and this kid has NEVER had an accident in all the time I've known him so I was pretty skeptical
  3. Me: Oliver, is your underwear even wet?
  4. Oliver: yeah, right here.
  5. Me, still skeptical: that doesn't look wet. Let me touch it. Nope, that's wet. Awesome.
  6. Oliver: NO, Ms. Allison. This is NOT awesome.
  7. Me, laughing: I guess I was just being silly.
  8. He was so serious!!! He's a four year old boy!!!
    Trust me this was really funny.
  9. He's the same boy who asked for the train in this list:
  10. He also asked me to marry him a few weeks ago
  11. 💍💍💍💍💍