Alternatively titled "the list I have to keep repeating in my head to keep the panicky thoughts at bay"
  1. I have wonderful parents who love each other
    For me it always comes back to this. Maybe that's weird and childish, but I just feel like as long as I have my parents and they have each other everything is gonna be okay.
  2. Foliage is still beautiful
  3. I have a class full of beautiful children to whom I can spread love and affection, and hope that my care helps turn them into compassionate individuals who won't let the trump of their time into office when it's their turn.
  4. The sky is still blue
    Suggested by @kate81
  6. We still have our dogs.
    Suggested by @CameronEdward
  7. Good art.
    We'll still be creating/appreciating/connecting no matter who the president is
    Suggested by @finesse