1. First of all you should know that I gave you my home address and not my school address so I probably won't be opening your gift until late December. Don't panic!!! It probs didn't get lost in the mail!!!
  2. So a bit about me: I'm a college student majoring in Comm and Pre-Med
  3. I love TV, mainly Gilmore girls, scrubs, the office, and parks and rec
  4. Some gift ideas
    Feel free to use your judgement. Get these things, don't get them, it's up to you. You're Santa.
  5. K cups
    Buttery caramel from target is my fave
  6. Pop tarts
  7. Basically I'm a college student so any general life essentials (make up wipes, tissues, pens, etc) will be SUPER appreciated
  8. I hope your Santa does you well!!