1. 9:12AM
    Get out of bed. Regret making my hair appointment for so late in the day because now I'm bored and anxious.
  2. 9:40 AM
    Every prom starts with a good breakfast?
  3. 9:52:
    Gotta take care of all this laundry
  4. I promise this list will get more interesting.
  5. 10:49:
    Time to start pre-gaming!
  6. Jk y'all
    I'm just going on my third week of having bronchitis 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃
  7. By the way, I have no clue how people get high off of cough medicine. Taking it makes me want to die.
  8. 11:52
    Now is probably a good time to get stressed
  9. I wrote "dressed" in the above bullet but I'm leaving the autocorrect because its funnier.
  10. 12:04
    This only took 12 minutes and now I still have an hour until I need to leave for my hair appointment
  11. Pro tip:
    If you're having your hair done for an event, wear a button down with no tank top so you don't have to worry about pulling a shirt over your $80 updo
  12. 12:19
    Put on all of my jewelry since I have nothing better to do anyway. Take pictures by holding my phone with my neck.
  13. 12:57
    Quick stop at the bank to deposit my paycheck 💸
  14. 1:13
    McDonalds still has shamrock shakes?? It's a good day
  15. 1:21
    Arrive at hair salon. (Those aren't for me.)
  16. 2:10
    Leave salon. Severely overpay for hair but whatever.
  17. 2:43
    Makeup stylist arrives.
  18. 4:20
    Go to the park for pics
  19. 5:00
    Go to the site of the dance for pics
  20. 6:30
    Vote for prom king and queen 🎉
  21. 7:00
    Eat a mediocre dinner in bad picture lighting
  22. 7:45
    Dance 🎉💃🏻
  23. 9:33
    Finally take a break with this goober. Prom ends in half an hour which means only an hour is separating me from pancakes
  24. 10:15
    Finally leave prom 😭
  25. 11:00
    Arrive at Denny's
  26. 11:20
    Receive milkshake 😍
  27. 1:04
    Leave Denny's
  28. 1:20
    Arrive home, put corsage and food in fridge
  29. 1:24
    Wake mom to help me remove dress (she was already half awake because she had just texted me)
  30. 1:26
    Collapse into bed, wonder if sleeping in false eyelashes will cause me to go blind, decide to do it anyway
  31. 1:36
    Realize phone charger is not plugged into wall and weep because you have to get up and find it
  32. 1:41
    Finally go the fuck to sleep
  33. Goodnight everyone, this was fun🎉