I'm a crier. I love crying. I find it empowering. Fuck with me.
  1. I almost knocked over my milk carton.
    The moment of anxiety I had when my milk was in gravitational limbo was akin to the moment when you realize that you've reclined too far back in a chair. I was so relieved when the milk returned to its resting position that I just started crying
  2. My boyfriend remembered how I liked my coffee
    I just thought it was really sweet but he got so concerned about me that he had to pull over
  3. I had to use the bathroom
    All I have to say about this one is that I was really tired.
  4. I was really proud of Perry Cox from Scrubs
    I was not watching Scrubs when I cried about this
  5. My boss told me I didn't have to come in to work
    This was at my last job. If that happened at my current job I would probably still cry but out of sadness rather than joy
  6. My salad was just really good
  7. A little girl drew me a picture
    I always cry when this happens because they just work SO HARD on their little drawings and I love them.
  8. I didn't want to go to school and leave my dog
    I'm talking about high school. I was going to see my dog again in like 5 hours.