Today I witnessed a huge victory(!!!) that to most, looks like an average day.
  1. In my classroom, I have one child with special needs.
    We'll call him Evan (name changed obviously)
  2. Evan's behavior ranges from giving the smallest, sweetest, gentlest kisses to his little sister, to throwing chairs and biting friends and teachers.
    (Or biting me because I told him he couldn't throw chairs)
  3. I never know what I'm going to walk into but I'm excited for it every day.
    I love Evan with my whole entire heart and I know that he truly is a sweet, sweet boy who struggles to express his emotions.
  4. Today when I walked in, Evan was awake
    This is typically not a good sign.
  5. But Evan had been having an amazing day!!!
    No violent outbursts, using awesome listening ears, being a helpful friend and a good player and share-er
  6. I bent down to give him a hug and he told me "Mr. Jahvon is here!"
    Mr. Jahvon is my coworker and one of the only two men on staff at my center. Statistically, kids respond to men better than women.
  7. Then Evan said "and you're here! My two best friends are here!!"
    Then he held our hands and sat on carpet for story time. #SquadGoals
  8. For an entire day, this child communicated with his words and listened to instructions. For any of my other kids, this is pretty typical, maybe slightly above average. For Evan, this is phenomenal.
  9. I couldn't wait for Evan's mom to come so I could tell her about the awesome day he'd had.
    And when I told her, this is how she responded:
  10. "Oh, he was okay today?"
    I was honestly crushed.
  11. For her daughter without special needs, this was an okay day.
    For Evan, this was a HUGE victory.
  12. Evan's victory didn't look like a typical victory. That might always be true for Evan. Mom might always compare him to his big sister.
    But Evan knows that I was super proud of him today.
  13. Victory for Evan! 💛