1. Poured dish soap all over my pillow
    This was the first time, and I was so exhausted after an international flight that I woke up, looked at the dish soap, and went back to sleep. My boyfriend woke me up after 21 hours of sleep because he was afraid I was in a coma. We hadn't even left the time zone during our trip.
  2. Literally pushed my boyfriend out of my way
    He was so concerned and confused sorry babe
  3. Attempted to carry a cup of dish soap in my hands back to my bedroom
    I woke up and was so convinced that someone else had done this to me despite the fact that literally everyone else in my room was asleep
  4. Attempted to cuddle a bottle of dish soap
    After the first two dish soap fiascos I asked my roommates to wake me up if I started walking again. They woke me and I was so pissed and confused. Why was my subconscious so fixated on dish soap?
  5. Made cereal
    This one happened when I was in Florida with my sister. I honestly don't even like cereal
  6. Packed a suitcase
    On the last day of Girl Scout camp I woke up and my room was packed so I thanked my roommates but they were like "no you did that at 3AM"