Alternatively titled "the grocery list that kid-you thought you would have when they realized adults can eat whatever they want."
  1. Gelato
    Mainly Sea Salt Caramel from Talenti but I am willing to throw some other flavors in the mix here.
  2. Croutons
    I could honestly eat croutons like potato chips for the rest of my life and probably be cool with it.
  3. Guacamole
    To be honest, I'd probably actually get this from chipotle and pay for a burrito bowl filled with guac. #worthit
  4. Popcorn
    The kind you pop in a pan tho, that's the good shit
  5. Whole Milk
    I wasn't allowed to have this as a child and kid-me used to literally dream about whole milk
  6. Chicken Nuggets
    Am I using chicken nuggets to rationalize my obsession with honey mustard, or am I using honey mustard to rationalize my obsession with chicken nuggets???
  7. Apple Sauce
    Apple sauce is just really good