1. Whether or not she should go to a party tonight
  2. How many bagels she eats
  3. Her grades
    (They're all very good so I don't understand this argument)
  4. How much she studies
  5. How much she doesn't study
  6. How much money horseback riding gear costs
  7. Why or why not she was in the hallway last night when the police were also in the hallway
  8. Whether or not she's coming home for spring break
  9. Why she can't skip a horse show
    She has to pay an expensive ass fine but for some reason it was a HUGE argument that I got to hear all of
  10. Literally just anything sometimes all my roommate will say are things like "yes" and "no" but there's still arguing I can tell
  11. CURRENTLY: whether or not she is cleared to ride horses at home
    (Spoiler: she is. Her mom just doesn't want her to. Shit is getting heated.)