Inspired by @lararose
  1. Natalie from next to normal
    I love this bitch!!!!! She's a little bit crazy but she's workin through it and I love her
  2. Penelope Pennywise from Urinetown
    She has a really badass powerballad
  3. Nina from In The Heights
    I don't understand why I relate so much to the struggles of an immigrant teenager when I myself am not an immigrant but I feel everything Nina says in my soul
  4. Literally any woman from Hamilton
    When ur too white tho :'(
  5. Elle Woods from Legally Blonde
    When ur too Irish tho :'(
  6. Jerusha Abbott from Daddy Long Legs
    This beautiful amazing show is closing in 26 days and if you live in New York please go see it before it does it will change ur life I promise
  7. Cathy from The Last 5 Years
    Cathy is a precious cinnamon roll
  8. Pam Beesly from A Day in The Office
    This was an unauthorized musical version of the office that a college did. They didn't charge for it and they made the video available on YouTube and the soundtrack available for free. This one might be cheating but I don't care. @bjnovak please don't arrest me???
  9. Mum from Billy Elliot
    She sings this really beautiful song to Billy and it makes me weep.