I'm a pre-school teacher for 24 adorable little 3-4 year olds ❤️
  1. My students make for the best stories
  2. Sometimes they throw chairs at me but their underdeveloped arms fail them and I have to laugh at the fact that a real person is this angry about a wooden block
  3. Even though kids sometimes throw chairs at me, I can see them learn and grow every day and I get to be a part of that.
  4. I have amazing, bold, beautiful, feminist coworkers who are all like sisters to me
    except for the two guys who are like brothers
  5. Tiny humans can be some of the most compassionate humans
  6. The hugs are endless!!!
  7. My students make me want to be a better person
    How can I tell a child it's not right to call people names if I'm willing to do it behind someone's back as an adult? How can I justify not facing my fears when I tell my kids to face them every day?
  8. I love my students. I love my coworkers. I love teaching.
  9. Occasionally I get to wear my pajamas to work