I'm an easily annoyed person. Not my greatest quality, but I've embraced it.
  1. When people tell me I'm sunburned.
    I. Know.
  2. When people comment that my dog is getting old.
    You're old.
  3. When someone tells me to do something that I'm already doing.
    I'm right on top of that, Rose.
  4. When someone tells me about something that's old-ass news.
    "Have you guys ever heard of this radio program, called 'Serial?'
  5. When I vent about something work related to my mom and her response is "just make sure you're being a nice girl."
  6. When I run into someone and I'm wearing the same outfit I was in last time I saw them.
    This is why schedules are important.
  7. When I'm in the basement doing laundry and my boyfriend turns the light off from upstairs.
    There are ghosts down here, guy.
  8. When someone asks if I'm available to hang out this evening.
    No, I've had this entire day planned out for a full week. I can grab a drink next Thursday at 5:35 though.