Well, at least on my phone.
  1. Pictures of photogenic dogs
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    Seriously? It takes me 100 tries to get an acceptable selfie to send to my mom
  2. Unflattering pictures of your best friend.
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    Usually screenshotted from snapchat, they make perfect blackmail.
  3. Blurry pictures of dessert.
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    Especially if said dessert includes every flavor and topping from a frozen yogurt shop. Grand Total: $8.47
  4. Hipster Pictures
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    Admit it, we've all tried ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Stuck on a Roller Coaster pictures
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    Aaaahhh!!! Stuck on a roller coaster!
  6. Spelling Error Pictures
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    It's not that funny for everyone you send it to, but it's darn hilarious to you.
  7. Low quality dance floor pictures
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    Look, the only reason I came here was make my Instagram followers think I'm cool. And now I can't post a picture because of darkness and flashing lights. What's even the point?
  8. Amateur Graffiti Pictures
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    Take a closer look at that snout!
  9. Unsuccessful cityscapes
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    Look, we can't all live in New York City.
  10. Memes
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    iCarly and chill?