Growing up in LA I was aware of healthy eating from a young age. Here are the foods that messed with my young mind.
  1. Wheat thins
    It's got wheat AND thin in its name
  2. Grape nuts
    Doesn't taste great. Hard af. Should be good for you.
  3. Nutri-grain bars
    Oh Kellogg's. You fooled me with these all through middle school.
  4. Sun chips
    Sure they're chips. But they're healthy chips, cause they're made with the love and support of the sun! Nature's candy! But I've learned a lot since then. Bacon is nature's candy. Also butter.
  5. Vitamin water
    Oooh you really got me with this one. Also 50 cent owns part of the company, and he's trustworthy, right?
  6. Sunny-d
    We got some OJ, some purple stuff, some soda, sunny d....
  7. Fruit by the foot
    But mom, can I pleeeease get it?! It's fruit. Feet and feet of it!