My sugar addiction started young and I fell hard:
  1. My first word was Donald
    And that didn't stand for Donald Duck like my mom initially thought. Nope. It was Mc Donald's. The land of the happy meal was my happy place. My mom says my eyes lit up the first time I had their hamburger - love at first bite.
  2. I was a dessert bully
    Growing up, my mom tried to keep me and my brother on a healthier diet, but apparently I wanted none of it. In kindergarten, a few of the parents had to pull my mom aside. They told her that I was begging their kids for their dessert and that it was unacceptable. This resulted in me finally getting a treat in my own lunch box so I wouldn't badger the other kids. (Although I think I still did if their food looked better).
  3. Gotta get that Triaminic!
    I loved the way children's orange Triaminic tasted - just like candy. Sometimes I would fake a cough just to get a shot of that sugary syrup.
  4. See's Candy was my jam!
    I know the name of every candy by sight, and they give you a free sample just for walking in! 🙌 I would walk in and place my order "one scotchmallow, one milk buttercream....and for my sample I'd like a butterscotch square". Yup. I placed an order for my free sample. @emjuko loves this story to no end