1. When they tell you they took three Vicodin just before they got to the bar
    this was interesting and not in a good way
  2. When they get the number of your waitress when you go to the bathroom
  3. When they end the date with a high five
    to be fair, i initiated this with the vicodin guy, cause well, he was high and annoying
  4. When they say you remind them of their mom
    or maybe that's a good thing? gross.
  5. When they ask you to run lines with them for a student film audition they have the next day
    this happened to @lindsaygelfand and she was so sweet to oblige. but like, dude, not cool.
  6. When they ask you to come home with them and you say no, to which they reply "What?! After all the work I put in?!"
    this is what you worry guys are thinking when they buy you a drink, and he just came right out and said it.
  7. When you step in their shit
    but maybe that's a list for another day....