1. It was the first piece of furniture in my new apartment
    and looking at it reminded me of that first night in my new place when we sat there eating pizza on paper napkins and drinking wine. and i spilled.
  2. And the countless times
    we fell asleep on it while watching a movie only to wake up hours later in the most uncomfortable positions. how did we ever fall asleep?
  3. Where we sat
    after you surprised me by cooking a bunch of recipes i had pinned to my 'recipes i want to try' pinterest board. i didn't even know you knew what pinterest was, let alone how to use it. i was so touched and then so full and so happy.
  4. The couch was big
    but we would sit in one corner together
  5. Until we didn't
    when we sat there crying, realizing it wasn't working anymore. this person i used to be able to jump on and cover in kisses was now sitting so stiffly on the opposite side
  6. And then it was just a couch
  7. And I couldn't look at it anymore
  8. So I sold it