1. I was looking at ListApp
    so no, I didn't see it coming
  2. We are all okay
    My driver hit the car in front of us. And we were both okay, just shocked. We pulled over and he asked me if I had a minute to wait. Of course I said yes, I'm not a monster!
  3. But I sort of wanted to leave
    There. I said it.
  4. I sat there while the two drivers exchanged their info
  5. Real talk: do I have to pay for this ride?
    My driver got back in the car. I felt bad for him. Of course it sucks, but again, do I have to pay for my ride?
  6. He told me he turned off the meter
    So I wouldn't have to pay for any more of the ride. Thank you?
  7. Now the question is: what do I rate him?!