And here's why:
  1. I hate crowds
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    90,000 people buy tickets for each three-day weekend of the festival. That's insane to me. 90,000!!! Do I want to walk through thousands of people, get to the end of it only to find another sea of people I have to navigate through?! No thank you!
  2. Anxiety
    see: crowds above ⬆️
  3. These girls
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  4. And these girls
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  5. And this girl
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    Although to be fair, I guess she's choosing this moment to make a point? "It's my booty, my choice."
  6. You're stuck
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    You park your car somewhere and can't get it out because it's packed in with hundreds of others. So basically you're a prisoner.
  7. The heat
    I don't do well in heat like this. Does anyone? I sweat, I burn, I whine... the most unattractive of trifectas.
  8. The music
    I like going to concerts, but really only when I know a ton of the band's music. Otherwise I'm bored. Am I alone in this?
  9. That said
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    If anyone has room in the super chic house they're renting, maybe I can give it a shot ;)