1. Brigitta in Sound of Music
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    Everyone wanted to Leisel - she was 16 going on 17 for crying out loud. But I was drawn toward Brigitta - the smart, book-reading middle child played by the most adorable Angela Cartwright.
  2. Maggie in Hook
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    She was feisty and had her priorities in check! She couldn't be wooed by a little baseball game like her brother (see: run home jack!) PLUS she sang that amazing song that made all the pirates in Neverland miss their mommies too.
  3. Fievel in An American Tail
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    Yes, he's a cartoon. And yes, he lived through some trying times. But he's also a kick-ass adventurer who got to sing my favorite childhood duet. Also - I really wanted to be a Mousekewitz, and I still sing "There are no cats in America and the streets are paved with cheese" on the reg.