1. What do these people do?
    How are we all free on a Friday afternoon? What are your jobs people?!
  2. Is that guy over there cute?
    Can't decide
  3. Is he checking me out?
  4. Am I checking him out?
  5. I should do some work.
  6. I'm gonna check my email first
    then instagram, twitter, obviously listapp 🙌
  7. Am I hungry?
    Should I have a muffin? No. Muffins are the devil.
  8. And how old is Snoop Dogg?
    He's gotta be in his 40's by now. Didn't Ian Ziering just turn 50 or is he 51?
  9. Again. Who are these other patrons?!
    Do I want your jobs? Your lives? Definitely want that muffin...
  10. Ok. Work.
  11. Listapp first...