1. He is one hell of a guitar player
  2. He has his ways with words
  3. He makes me need to use a dictionary
  4. His voice
  5. His wit and humour is unlike anyone else
  6. He makes you think about the important things and then at the same time the most unimportant things.
  7. His style
  8. His charitable work
  9. How you never hear anyone in Hollywood speak badly about him
  10. How he always makes time for those who love and appreciate him
  11. His lyrics
  12. His dog, Moose. Moose is almost as cute as John himself
  13. John's love for his parents
  14. His mind. John is very smart.
  15. His style. I literally have learned so much more about watches than I normally would. And whoever doesn't think Visvim is the shiz doesn't know fashion.
  16. His ability to try new things; The Dead and Co... Do I need to say more?