1. Bathroom laws
    "They were making laws on bathrooms? Bathrooms?! Laws on who can use a bathroom based on their genitals?"
  2. Wasting natural resources
    "They pumped chemicals into the ground...to extract gases, that cars actually flooded into the air? They actually used plastic water bottles that ended up in our oceans...OUR BEAUTIFUL OCEANS!"
  3. Acceptance of other people into our countries
    "Wait...because of their (insert skin color, religion, origin of birth here), they didn't allow them a safe place to raise their kids? They watched kids dying on television and still wouldn't allow people from their community find asylum?"
  4. Money influence in government
    "People actually allowed billions of dollars to corrupt how their elected officials created laws?"
  5. Kardashian culture
    "No wonder they were so easily distracted about all the terrible shit happening, they paid attention to all the wrong things."