believe me I'm an expert in this
  1. Have an defense weapon in your room for example a long ruler or a stick
    so whenever they come to hit you or something you can defend your self
  2. make fun of your brother/sister in front of their friends whenever they say something mean about you in front of them
    for example when they something like, Brother: "haha amy your sweater is like our aunts" you: and your head looks like an pear"
  3. if you share a bathroom with your siblings and they take so long just simply turn off the bathroom lights or bang on the door till they get annoyed
    oh the turn off light thingy just works if the bathroom light switches are out side not inside
  4. play music they hate
  5. when you do something wrong and your siblings find out and they say they're gonna tell your parents just tell them if they tell you're gonna tell on something bad they did before
    It works every time
  6. make deals with them
    Like give them your left over pizza and tell them if you want it, you don't have to tell on me for something I did
  7. if they're after you trying to hit you just run to your room or any room and place things behind the door and sit there till they calm down