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OH GOD! I've only ever had one bad date in my life
  1. He who shall not be named!
    He was very self centered, focused on nothing but money and nice women. I could never figure out why I had turned out to be the "object of his affection" as I was never what he really wanted in a woman I was far to liberal for his taste.
  2. Very controlling
    He ordered for me, told me what u should wear, and wanted me to act a specific type of way. I can not and will oh be tamed by a man of such... Unpleasantness it bothers my well being.
  1. Explorer
    Who wouldn't wanna travel and see all the beauty in the world
  2. I'd build homes in the forest
    Honestly there are enough homes in the USA to give ever homeless person like 2 houses each but nothing's being done to help them. I think I'd build beautiful homes for them in the forest!
  3. Director
    I'd love love love to make s movie or two just really good physiological thrillers! Something to really bother your soul for a second but also really make you think.
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What's better than sex??
  1. Well duah pizza what a stupid question
Words? No I'd say word! One word... So much meaning soooo here we go
  1. Different
    I'm not sure why everyone feels the need to point out the fact that Im not like the every other female. I mean thanks for noticing I guess but I mean unjust living life and treating people the way I'd like to be treated. All these people are focused on the wrong things that may be why I come off as different but to me my "different" is natural and it's how tore suppose to be and your "natural" is different to me it makes no since to me what so ever.
  2. Different pt. 2
  3. I suppose I'll never get it. I just believe thy at Pliny point or another's we didn't have all we are obsessing over and things were fine so why become attached to these impermanent objects like phones and money and cars and what not just enjoy life and be great full for those you have around you who are constantly loving and supporting you
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Clearly I adore these songs or the wouldn't have been played more than the rest 💕
  1. Wishing
    No description needed 😍
  2. Love inside
    It reminds me of him
  3. To good 😘
    We all have that go to song we listen to when we are fighting with someone we love.... Well this is mine.
  4. Everyday
    It gives me so much life
It's my party and I'll clearly cry if I want to but here are some other things I'll do....
  1. 1.
    Get the feels when my favorite song plays
  2. 2.
    Get lost in the music
  3. 3.
    Have more than one beer
  4. 4.
    Make sure everyone gets pizza
  1. My sister was having a great night and it made me happy I had to share it on Instagram
  2. My friends ex was being a pain in my ass but I love her so I put up with him and I screenshot this because she was so happy when I called her little red but she is my little red I love her.
  3. Uhggg I love his music so much! So I tweeted this lovely artist and he took time out of his day to respond and it was really nice I was really really excited to see the response
  4. I don't own many screenshots and those that I do own I delete right away because they are weird ones haha
  1. Laughing
    I say this so often but it's really all I care about when it comes to happiness with a individual 🙂😌
  2. Books at 3am
  3. Dancing in the rain
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I only have 1 how lame right ?
  1. Adding half a shot of vodka in my black tea
    Pretty sure this may be my only guilty pleasure as I don't feel guilty when it comes to everything else I absolutely love doing.