I loved this week
  1. Running alongside el portal road in yosemite. It was snowing and I could feel my muscles becoming little icicles
  2. Traveling in the rental car. memory games, reading books, solving a Rubik's cube. A bag often falls onto my sister in the back. She is dramatic about it. We try to watch something on an iPad but no one can see it/it didn't load all the way. pretzels&twizzler bites. Waiting to arrive at a place elicits the same activities every time and I love that.
  3. How close everything was located at our hotel. "Should we play cards in our room or in the lobby?" we ask, as if the two places were miles apart. (We decided on the lobby)
  4. My dad trying to explain his new camera to me. And new camera strap.
  5. Climbing the rocks at lower yosemite falls. I learned that My brother LOVES moderately exhilarating activities where he can direct. We even climbed rocks when we got home, and he again took to leading the pack.
  6. Walking w/ my sister arm in arm. Our steps are even more rhythmic than usual with the crunch of the snow. This makes us feel like the most invincible sister duo.
  7. Reading "Glory" by Nabokov near the fire at the Ahwanee
  8. How compelled I felt to hug at any given moment
  9. The chore of leaving the hotel room each time. My mom fervently placing the "do not disturb" sign on our doorknob each time because we had more ppl than allowed in our room.
  10. Listening to al greens let's stay together on the ride home
  11. Our thanksgiving meal at Hodel's in Bakersfield
  12. My sister resting her head on my shoulder on the car ride home
  13. The process of post thanksgiving eating. What do I want? What do I need?
  14. My mom tucking me in at 2 am. She thinks I am asleep but I am awake. Her care in tucking me in sheds me a tear. I love her.
  15. I wake up, have a bad day. My parents sense this, talk to me. They say they are always so proud. Again, I feel so full of the deepest, familial love.
  16. Climbing rocks in topanga canyon. My mom says "ahhhhhh I'm swinnnggingggg" as she suspends from a crevice.