As self-centred as I am, I hate writing about myself. But I'm still self-centred so I'll give it a go.
  1. I spent most of my childhood playing the role of Anne of Green Gables with only my friend Jane as the audience.
  2. I sometimes download Jason Derulo songs.
  3. My Favourite food is the finger sandwiches they serve at funerals.
  4. I have read Tales of the City series at least 465 times.
  5. I don't trust people who cut their pizza with a knife and fork. They're hiding something.
  6. I have a coyote ugly fantasy about Eminem where I spend the night with him happily and then want to chew my arm off when I wake up next to him.
  7. My favourite show ever is Felicity, even the season when she cut off all her hair.