Autistic kids and adults often use "scripts" (sentences that are comforting to them, a lot of times from movies or TV shows). My son has some awesome scripts he applies in the best situations.
  1. "Walk away, Chuckie. Just walk away." - from the Rugrats, used when he is being threatened with a time out from me or his dad.
  2. "Shut.up!" - from Princess Diaries, used when we tell him it's Friday and it's the weekend after school.
  3. "We are never ever getting back together" - Taylor Swift, whenever his sister is pissing him off.
  4. "I came in like a wrecking ball!" - Miley Cyrus, when he charges in our room/bed at 3am.
  5. "This isn't flying, this is falling with style!" - Toy Story, this is actually a cue for us to run from the other room to stop him from helping his little sister to "fly off the couch".