I had an email exchange with my buddy @lenadunham last evening which must have had me thinking of her when I went to sleep (which I obviously always do because swooooon). The result was the weirdest dream I've had since my third trimester of pregancy after eating two bowls of ice cream and a bag of dulce (dried seaweed, it's a Nova Scotia thing).
  1. I had to get surgery for my ovaries in NYC even though I live in Canada and I have free health care.
  2. Lena offered me her purple flowered yoga mat to recover post surgery. She laid it out on her bathroom floor. That was nice.
  3. She made me dumplings. They were cold in the middle. This made her cry.
  4. I yelled "not good enough" at street buskers. Lena got upset with me. This made me cry.
  5. Lena and I went to a football game. Norman Reedus was the quarterback. Zombies came.
  6. We escaped back to our yoga mats.
  7. I forgot to have my surgery because of the football game. Lena took back her yoga mat.