If college has taught us anything, it's that the go-to hook up film is Good Will Hunting. Safe choice, sets the right mood. But guys have invited me over then fascinatingly put on the following...
  1. Boiler Room
    Really? Not even Wall Street? This guy was a first year broker and I left 10 min into the movie. He admitted he had a gf. Your standard piece of shit.
  2. War Horse
    The guy had given all his other screeners away I'm guessing. We both just fell asleep.
  3. Captain Phillips
    Again, screener season. This gem of a dude thought a Tom Hanks flick would be a winner, but the stressful pirate scenes were too tense to make out to.
  4. The Jerk
    I am never not going to give my full attention to this movie, sorry. Don't touch me. I'm watching Steve Martin.
  5. Irreversible
    Feels like a fancy film school choice but really is a scarring film to watch.
  6. North Shore
    The guy ended up just reciting every line of the film by heart. I laughed for the first 15 min but it got old. Passed out. Woke up. He was still reciting lines.
  7. The Last Waltz
    On paper not a bad choice, but then I just wanna talk about music and pass out. Also best watched in a group of 10 people at 3am.
  8. Mommy
    He was trying to pick an adventurous foreign film but it was weird and insane and we both just wanted to be alone after watching it.
  9. Whiplash
    Full disclosure: same dude who put on North Shore. He didn't recite lines but it was just really stressful and tense to watch. I looked over at him at one point and he looked like he was really dealing with shit internally. I never saw him again after that.