Off the top of my head...
  1. In When Harry Met Sally they are driving from south side of Chicago (U of Chicago) to NYC (so you would head south thru Indiana) but next shot is them coming down Lake Shore from north side of Chicago driving into downtown.
  2. In Terminator 2 they say John Connor is 10 yrs old (which feels like a stretch for Eddie Furlong as it is) but in T3 they say he disappeared in 8th grade which would have made him at least 13 in T2.
  3. The movie Roar was filmed over 11 years and Melanie Griffith's hair keeps inexplicably changing as they seemed to have just thrown awkward wigs on her.
  4. In Aladdin, Jasmine's tiger bites the pants off a suitor so you can see his polka dot heart underwear, but when the movie "cuts back" to the tiger, it has a piece of the underwear in its mouth, not the pants.
  5. In Wizard of Oz, Dorothy's pigtails are shoulder length when meeting the Scarecrow, then suddenly down to her chest not long after. (I'm sensitive to hair changes)