So guys can get a rosé buzz on and put on temp tats that aren't gold dreamcatchers.
  1. Celtic knot for bicep
  2. Tribal arm band
  3. Spider web for neck
  4. Unknown Chinese symbol
  5. Prison tear drop for face
  6. Sailor jerry swallows
  7. Block letters for knuckles
  8. Random bible passage numbers
  9. Star of David (for bad boy Jews)
  10. Faded "Jessica" in a heart
  11. Tweedy bird, cause there's always that guy.
  12. Blocks of lyrics in cursive for ribcage (great for bassists)
  13. Generic 2003 sports state championship
  14. Portrait of old man in military attire ("Grandpa")
  15. A classic dick for face of passed out bro