1. Jenny
    Teacup kitten, died in radiator
  2. Shadow
    Cat, given up to shelter after pissing everywhere all the time
  3. Rachel
    Cat, hit by car at age 14
  4. Hambone
    Hamster, obese, died in food bowl
  5. Houdini
    Hamster, master of escaping cages. Died of hamster old age.
  6. Kiki
    Cockatiel, flew away
  7. Cocoa
    Cockatiel, died of bird leukemia. Sister kept dead bird body frozen in freezer for 2 yrs cause didn't feel like burying it.
  8. Peaches
    Lovebird, killed by cat Rachel
  9. Czar Nicholas II and family
    Finch, was a gift, mated like crazy with another finch and suddenly we had a ton of finches that we named after that Russian dynasty. They all died within a month.
  10. Bonnie
    Cat, died, forgot how.
  11. Clyde (Bonnie's brother)
    Cat, attacked and killed by evil raccoon
  12. CW Moss
    Stray cat we cared for during Bonnie and Clyde days (CW was third real life member of Barrow gang). After years of CW living with us, a neighbor started feeding him and basically stole him. Then had the balls to put CW on their family Xmas card and didn't give him back. Jerks.
  13. Samantha
    Shetland sheepdog, died age 12
  14. Budlight
    Cockatiel given to us by friend fleeing country, died of old age
  15. Dalwhinnie (Whinnie)
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    Shetland sheepdog, still alive (yay!)