1. Let's practice the word "Marshall" in a Boston accent. Your "Mahhhr" is too drawn out. Let's watch back these clips from Departed and Shutter Island. Hear that? No? Well, maybe it's a lost cause. Have you considered just avoiding future films set in Boston?
  2. Say "Blood Diamond". Hmm, ok. To be honest I have NO idea what South African accent sounds like, so I bet you're right.
  3. Quick q: why do you have an Irish accent in Gangs of NY when you grew up in America?Wait, don't answer that, I really wanna know how amaze balls it was to work with Daniel Day in that movie??
  4. Did Howard Hughes talk like that? No, no, it's cool. I trust you.
  5. Yes, yes I'm sure you were very excited to be in Django, Unchained. You sounded very slave-ownery.
  6. I love how your Gatsby sounded like a drowning Hepburn! Great choices there, Leo.
  7. Did J. Edgar talk like that? No, no, it's cool. I trust you.
  8. Remember how in Wolf of Wall Street it was just your voice? That was my finest work.r
  9. Wow, you're VERY attractive in person. Sorry, I just have to say that every session.