A random sampling.
  1. The fake-out drawer façades under sinks
  2. Leaving your iPhone sound effect on for typing
  3. Men wearing knit ski hats in hot weather
  4. TV movies where the commercials are still decibels louder
  5. Parents that let their toddler hit the elevator button and it's taking forever
  6. Dog owners that don't clean out their pup's eye crusties
  7. People with clipboards on the sidewalk asking if I have time for the planet earth or homeless children
  8. Having to repeat a food order on the phone for a third time
  9. People who use "nonplussed" incorrectly
  10. Men telling me to smile
  11. Standing way too close behind me in line
  12. The word "YAAASSS"
  13. Voicemails
  14. When songs are mixed stereo and play thru one ear on mono earbuds
  15. The over the door blower machines when entering businesses during the winter
  16. Re: elevator stuff - People who hit the elevator button even though it's already lit.
    I just hit it, bro, that's why I'm standing here waiting. I'm not a moron who DOESNT hit the button. You hitting it again does nothing.
    Suggested by @howieekremer