Kids are basically hoarders.
  1. Coke bottles from everywhere I traveled
  2. Pigs (stuffed animals)
    Loved pigs, even made them a family tree
  3. Crab claws
    Lived on Florida waterfront. Would pick up claws and bleach them then put in a drawer in my bedroom.
  4. Roald Dahl books
  5. Rocks I thought had geodes in them
  6. Hard Rock Cafe guitar pins
    Don't ask.
  7. Vintage metal signs / stolen street signs
  8. Doll house furniture
    Went apeshit over tiny things made with extreme detail
  9. Coins from 1982
    Year I was born so obvs more valuable
  10. Simpsons toys from fast food chains
    Happy meals, Subway kids meal, BK, etc
  11. Patches
    Girl Scout, punk patches, gas station name patches, you name it, my backpack was a mural
  12. Stickers
    Thousands I just put in a book, then prob threw out.
  13. Every postcard I ever received
  14. Lion King merch
  15. Lisa Frank school supplies
    I mean duh
  16. American Girl doll accessories - only Samantha
    Don't bust me up with that Kirsten nonsense.