Battery Park Regal Cinemas, 7pm on a Wednesday
  1. At least 200 women giggled and "woo!"d into the theater. 2 dudes silently entered separately and sat alone.
  2. Popcorn thrown into air during dance scenes like confetti.
  3. Constant gasps, screaming, and laughter.
  4. Booing the screen during long exposition scenes. (Amber Heard's character was completely irrelevant)
  5. A woman in the front jumped up and asked all of her sisters to give it up for Channing.
  6. A rousing "Uh huh!" to every MC question Jada asked the audience
  7. I punched my friends arm 27 times and generally just clawed at her.
  8. Girls snapping every time a male stripper made a point for feminism
  9. A lot of shrieks "Is that Michael Strahan?!?"
  10. General mayhem and screaming during NIN closer dance and the finale mirror dance.
  11. Women out of their seats when yogurt guy sprayed women with whipped cream.
  12. Lots of high fives.
  13. Girls screaming out answers to anything Channing said on screen.
  14. Everyone stayed for credits and some openly were weeping.
  15. Everyone went outside after the movie and smoked a cigarette.