1. When I started getting SkyMall in the mail at home cause I had drunk ordered from it so much.
  2. When my dog angrily barked at her own fart.
  3. Most interactions between Billy Eichner and New Yorkers
  4. When my friend told me, dead serious, she took a shit in the shape of a perfect handlebar mustache and I was the only person she felt she could tell.
  5. Christopher Guest films
  6. Participating in and watching the Redbull Soapbox race, Seattle
  7. When an ex told me the "Giant Orange Head" joke (started dating him bc of it)
  8. 2013 Guilty dog compilation video on YouTube
  9. When my sister picked up her cat like a baby and it attacked her face.
  10. Bill Hader breaking while doing his own characters
  11. My dad dancing to Turn Down for What at my sister's wedding
  12. The live show "Mortified"
  13. The Danish movie "Klown"
  14. Star Wars Beauty Pageant Trumpet Fail video
  15. On Extreme Makeover: Home Edition when Tai revealed a themed bedroom to a kid and the kid hated it.
  16. When my friends and I got so high in college we ate my roommate's birthday cake. She came in to ask us about it and we denied it. When she left we realized we all had cake all over our faces and hands and the cake pan was on floor in front of us.