When I type Lonely Island into YouTube everything was marked "watched" so I used my time for this instead. List is meant to include "projects" or recurring bits that were not just one Digital Short. That ranking comes later this week at 3 a.m. when I can't sleep
  1. The 'Bu
    As if their parody of the season 2 finale with The Shooting AKA Dear Sister wasn't already a pitch perfect parody of The OC, this mini YouTube series gdamn kills it. Elliot from Scrubs plays the Marissa character, and sometimes they replace her character with a puppet. The theme song is a Good Charlotte song. I want this played at my funeral.
  2. Seven Days in Hell
    It's a reverse Blind Side! Also much more murderous and sexual than you'd expect from a faux tennis documentary. Indubitably.
  3. FOX Awesometown Pilot
    Jack Black opens it as George Washington. The origin of the Awesometown Theme, a classic. There's a sketch about Castaways where Jorm can't grow a beard. The studio set looks like a bad Sesame Street and I love it with all my heart and soul
  4. tliboys snapchat
    One time they had this whole series that involved Jorm holding 🐤 and🔪 that had blood drawn on them while Akiva yelled "JOOOORM WHAT DID YOU DOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
  5. Hot Rod
    I have this rated as high as Hotel Rwanda on my Netflix
  6. Laser Cats
    One time I exclusively talked to a guy on Tinder about Laser Cats for a week straight until he followed it with "So what are you looking for on here?" and I wasn't ballsy enough to respond "Obviously an outlet to talk about Laser Cats at 2 a.m." So I just deleted him
  7. Popstar
    This movie won't be released until June 3 but I already am more excited for this than my college graduation. There's no way this won't be my favorite movie of 2016