Just let me leave please I don't need Cory Booker to inspire me I get it you'll quote Dr.Seuss and I'll be basking in the glory that is my future blah blah
  1. Seeing Louis CK in Baltimore next week with my baby bro
  2. Moving in to my new apartment
  3. The meeting between Rue and Sgt. Pepper
    Historians will write about how facking adorable it was and there will be listacles galore. Historians are now Buzzfeed reporters.
  4. Family vaca to Seattle and Portland!
    Sure Kathy will be there but my brother and I can sneak off smoke a doober and get vodoo donuts and THAT my friends is the American Dream
  5. Visiting NJ friends at home and going to the beach and eating bagels and Ryan's ice cream
  6. The release of Popstar
    Already one of my favorite movies and I haven't even seen it
  7. The new episode of Outlander that's on tonight
    There's at least one sexy scene according to promos GOD BLESS
  8. Seeing Hamilton in the fall
    Head is still spinning about it
  9. Having cable at my new apartment
    All TV>commencement
  10. Honestly everything post-grad like working my first full time job as a journo and just living my goddamn life
    Everything is better than pretending like I care about this school