Because my confidence level is either at "pathetic pile of garbage" or "I'm a GOLDEN GOD" and sometimes you just gotta knock yourself down a peg so you don't jump off rooftops
  1. Once took the metro alone to locate a Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs "Foodmobile" but arrived too early so had to wait in a park 15 min before ordering and then they also took my pic to put up on their site so that's permanent and out there forever
  2. Of all the kitchenware in my apartment, I own 10 coffee mugs and 3 ice cream scoops and 2 plates. End of list.
  3. I cried during the Entourage finale but not the Parks and Rec finale
  4. I own three trucker hats
    One of which is personalized with my name and an ice cream cone. Had to special order the cone because it wasn't on their stencils.
  5. I went to London and bought 10 feet of Beatles stickers
    Useful purchase, very functional
  6. I called Anne Frank "kinda a lesbo" in my 7th grade diary
    Reason #617484501048 I will never run for office
  7. I own the Wack Album on vinyl
  8. I have on multiple occasions spent upwards of $30 at a dollar store
  9. I once used a line from the show Gossip Girl as a pick-up line
    But it worked so
  10. The two stuffed animals I have on my bed are an ice cream sandwich and Potter Puppet Pal Ron Weasley
  11. I am also an Adult Woman who owns a pillow pet
    It's so practical tho! PERF neck support for weird wall gaps (or windows when traveling)
  12. I once woke up naked in a snuggie
    It was also on backwards so good thing I woke up before my roommate
  13. Spent a recent Valentine's Day crying alone listening to NPR in bed eating mac n cheese
    Full box
  14. When I'm lazy I have a "3 stain" rule for my sheets before I change them
    Don't be gross they're ice cream stains
  15. Once a guy I was attempting to flirt with on a hike said he wanted to move to California and I responded "ah the ultimate dream"
  16. Sent my best friend at GW 15 texts about the Good Wife at 2 a.m. recently
  17. Have a full spreadsheet of all the tv shows I've watched or plan to watch broken down into categories
  18. Briefly had a movie blog with my hs film teacher