1. When people refreeze melted ice cream and say "it's the same"
  2. When people microwave their ice cream
    Easier to scoop? More like easier to SOUP!!!!!
  3. People who block an escalator by just deciding to stop walking
    Stay to one side!! Why are you just looking up at the sky on confused? Do you also just stand in the middle of sidewalks looking around? You probably do you special brand of bullshit
  4. Facebook statuses that are like "comment about how much snow there is" instead of an actual joke because the person is lazy but wants to let people know they're paying attention
    U lazy bafoon write a joke motherfucker no one thinks this is clever fall in a hole
  5. When it's warm
    Don't like sweatin
  6. When people BITE instead of PEEL their cinnamon rolls!
    R u fuckin w me
  7. When lists are too long
    I'm cutting myself off FOR THE PEOPLE